Additional Charges

Most of the charges below will not be charged in many cases but in fairness to the driver we have them in place. The times we allow without charge will cover most clients in our experience.

Bristol Airport delay charges

We do not charge for flight delays however flights delayed by more than 3.5 hours we reserve the right to cancel your booking. We will email you at the earliest convenience or call to inform you of this, and We will of course always get you home if within our ability to do so. (We haven’t canceled one in 9 years so far).

Baggage delays
Our driver will arrive close to Bristol airport 45 minutes after a flight has landed when checked luggage, if there is a baggage delay and you have not entered the vehicle within 1.5 hours after the flight has landed we charge £25 per hour in 30 minutes increments. For example £12.50 will be charged if you get in the car between 1hr 31 minutes and 2 hours after landing. if you have hand luggage we allow 1 hour after landing before the additional charge will apply.

Unsociable hours (Bristol only)

We charge an unsociable hours charge of £10 with all Bristol airport transfers if you enter the vehicle between 22:30 and 06:00. Any flights scheduled to land between this time will have the charge added automatically when you book. However the website cannot do this if you land before 22:30 so the driver will add to the fare on the night of pick up in this instance.

All other airports eg Heathrow and Gatwick etc..

Short Haul Flights

flight times of less than 3 hours our driver leaves Bath before you take off so the following charges apply. Please avoid the below charges by contacting your driver immediately if you are aware of a severe delay. Their contact details will be on the web confirmation link or the day before reminder email.

Any delay of more than 1. 5 hours and we charge £20 per hour extra. For example a flight that lands 2 hours late will have an additional £10 added to it. This is done in 30 minute increments.

Long haul flights
(Flight times more than 3 hours) we do not charge for delays.

If you have checked luggage our driver arrives 45mins-1 hr after landing time. if there is a baggage delay and you are not in the vehicle within 1.5 hours after the landing time then we charge £25 per hour in 30 minutes increments. EG 2 hours after a flight lands you will be charged £12.50 extra. If hand luggage is stated at the time of booking we allow 1 hour to be in the vehicle before additional charges.

Avoid baggage delay charges

If you are happy to wait longer at an airport before we pick you up you can avoid the baggage delay charges by replying to your confirmation when you book. This can be done to mitigate our wait at the airport and chances of extra charges. We will always follow the confirmation notes on pick up if not told otherwise. If you wish to avoid the charges you can For example state ”please meet me at the pick up point 2 hours after landing”. Only do this when replying to a confirmation. When you book always provide the landing time of your flight not your ETA for coming through.