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Stonehenge is a massive stone monument located on a chalky plain north of the modern-day city of Salisbury, England. Research shows that the site has continuously evolved over a period of about 10,000 years. The structure that we call “Stonehenge” was built between roughly 5,000 and 4,000 years ago.

The biggest of the Stonehenge’s stones, known as sarsens, are up to 30 feet (9 meters) tall and weigh 25 tons (22.6 metric tons) on average. It is widely believed that they were brought from Marlborough Downs, a distance of 20 miles (32 kilometers) to the north.

Many people believe stonhenge is a ritualistic monument That the pagans use to frequent regularly. I think however that we may never know the true purpose of this mystery, although research continues in the area so one day maybe.

Sometimes organized coach trips to tourist attractions like Stonehenge can be regimental and rushed. Why not travel in comfort with one of our taxis from Bath-Stonhenge. We have hi-spec vehicles at your disposal.Also our polite and friendly drivers will wait as long as you need them too. That way you can take as little or as long as you want to see Stonehenge itself, maybe walk some of the trails and also browse the visitor centre.

We strongly advise that you book your time slot for stonehenge in advance to avoid dissapointment. This is even more important during the summer months.
They provide a shuttle from the visitor centre to the stones so time slots are used to regulate the numbers for this shuttle and to reduce over crowding. You can reserve your time slot through 365 tickets on the link at the bottom of the page if you wish.

If you would like some more information before deciding on traveling from Bath-Stonehenge then click on the link below.

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