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Bath to Downton Abbey tour

Have you ever watched Downton abbey and thought I wonder where the house is? or thought to yourself wouldn’t it be nice to walk through Downton village or wander through the church grounds of St Michael’s. Which many key scenes and of course weddings were filmed? Perhaps you would like to have lunch in the pub that lady Sybil and Tom Branson ran away too before Mary and Edith convinced her to return. Or why not go to the pub that Mr Bates worked in when he left Downton abbey to avoid his sinister ex-wife. If you would then this is the tour from Bath for you.

Highclere Castle

Highclere Castle is in Hampshire and has been home to the Carnarvon family since 1679. It was built on an ancient site in which the original house was recorded in the doomsday book. The present-day house was designed by Charles Barry in 1842.

The Castle has a little-known connection with ancient Egypt, as the 5th Earl along with Howard Carter discovered the tomb of Tutankhamun in the valley of the kings in the early 1920s. The castle now houses an extensive collection of Egyptian artefacts that commemorates this fact.

More recently, of course, Highclere castle has become home to Lord Grantham in Downton abbey. The popularity of which has catapulted the house into stardom. The series has been played in over 100 countries worldwide and has over 11 million viewers in the UK alone.

The journey time to Highclere castle from Bath is around 1hr 20 minutes depending on traffic. If you would like to use one of our taxis to take you here, then we can put together a tour that complements a Downton Abbey visit. You will, however, need to purchase your own tickets which can be done at the Highclere Castle website

We recommend an afternoon visit to Highclere on one of our Bath to Downton abbey tours and then perhaps visit some other locations on the way such as Bampton, Shilton, Cogges manor farm (yew tree farm) and a lunch stop at Swinbrook. These are all Downton filming locations and of course, this is up to you. Because we can adapt any of the tours to how you would like them to go. Perhaps you would like to just visit the village and then see some of the locations we visit on one of our Bath to Cotswolds tour. It is a very short drive to Burford from Bampton so a good compliment to any Downton abbey tour.

Bampton (Downton village)

Bath to Downton Abbey tour

Bampton village alongside Highclere castle is the most filmed location in Downton abbey. All the village scenes are filmed here to include St Mary’s church, the library which is the exterior of the village hospital, the Grantham arms and of course miss Crawley’s house as well. This village is the icing on the cake for all Downton Abbey fans and no Downton abbey tour would be complete without a visit. This would usually be the first stop on our tour and from Bath, it will take around 1hr 25 minutes in one of our executive taxis.

Cogges Manor Farm

Cogges manor farm is another wonderful addition for a Downton Abbey tour from Bath. This location is the Yew tree farm from the Downton Abbey series. It was where Lady Edith’s child was raised and later on, it became Daisy’s rescue farm for her father in law. The manor house kitchen featured quite heavily in the tv series and they do tours here that last around an hour. More info can be found here at the Cogges Manor Farm website.

If you wish to book a tour from Bath with one of our executive taxi’s then give us a call on 01225-484346 or alternatively contact us for more info via email

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