Bath to Avebury Tour by Taxi

Bath to Avebury Tour by Taxi from £165 round trip

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Take a Bath to Avebury tour at your own pace in one of our private executive taxis. You will undoubtedly be well looked after and in great comfort on any Tour from Bath that you take. Bath to Avebury taken as a return trip has prices starting from as little as £165 for 1-4 passengers. We will allow a 1.5 hours wait time for a taxi to Avebury Henge with the above price. This will mean your driver will always be ready to leave when you are. Call us on +441225484346 for any questions about a tour from Bath. Alternatively you should click “Enquiry request” above for more information on an Avebury tour or a full day tour with Avebury included.

Bath to Avebury Tour by Taxi

Bath To Avebury Henge

What can i see on my Bath to Avebury tour?

Avebury Henge is the biggest stone circle in the country and is sometimes over shadowed by its nearby neighbour Stonehenge. Avebury henge was built somewhere between 2850 Bc and 2200 BC. And within its heart is Avebury village which contains the Alexander Keiller Museum and the Keiller family home. Also the West kennet Avenue is another feature of Avebury which branches away to the sanctuary.

A glimpse of Avebury with Craig

The world heritage site of Avebury and the entire area surrounding it also contains some other places not to be missed. For example the West kennet burial mound which allows you to actually go inside a 5500 year old tomb is one other great option. Also Silbury hill is another nearby attraction you should consider, it is the largest Neolithic man made mound in Europe. You certainly cannot help noticing this on the way into Avebury on a Tour. Due to its shear size and shape compared to the surrounding landscape.

All the above apart from the Alexander Keiller museum and house are also completely free to see. A Bath to Avebury tour can and therefore does make a very affordable day out in addition to an all day sightseeing trip.

How long will my tour take?

Bath to Avebury by car can take you around 1 hour 20 minutes and the total distance is around 30 miles. Traffic can certainly impact the journey however. Therefore when you book a taxi to Avebury Henge with us please take this into account if your day is time sensitive.

Taxi to Avebury henge
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You can travel to any location from Bath such as the places above so feel free to contact us by calling +441225484346 or email us via our Contact page. Alternatively we will provide airport and city transfers if you need a Taxi to Bath We can do this also.